Chef Smith Hoax Unveils Media Unprofessionalism: Roland Amartey

Chef Smith Saga Exposes Unprofessionalism in Ghanaian Media – Blogger Roland Amartey

In a revealing discussion on Kessben FM, renowned Ghanaian blogger and entertainment journalist Roland Amartey highlighted the concerning trend of unprofessionalism in the Ghanaian media, particularly within traditional outlets. Amartey criticized how the competition between traditional media and the online world has led to a decline in diligent fact-checking.

This issue came to the forefront when several top media houses were duped by fraudster Chef Smith, who falsely claimed to be the new Guinness World Record holder for the longest cooking marathon. The media’s failure to cross-check facts before broadcasting this misinformation underscores the urgency of maintaining journalistic integrity.

Amartey seized the opportunity to caution the public, emphasizing the need for vigilance and critical thinking in an era he aptly described as an “Info-Demic.” With the overwhelming influx of information, it’s more crucial than ever for consumers to scrutinize the validity of the news they encounter.

Roland Amartey, a distinguished figure in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, has over seven years of experience as a journalist, blogger, and pundit. He serves as the head of media, publicist, and creative director for EventGuide Africa and the Africa Events Awards. His insightful commentary and engaging content on his YouTube channel “Roland Reports” have made him a trusted voice on social and entertainment issues in Ghana.

Beyond his media endeavors, Amartey is also involved in event production and corporate communications, notably as the digital communicator and marketing executive for Shaxi, a popular ride-hailing service, and as part of the road management team for musician Shatta Wale. His extensive network and collaborations across various entertainment sectors cement his reputation as a prominent and influential figure in Ghana’s entertainment landscape.
With his extensive experience and multifaceted roles, Roland Amartey continues to make significant contributions to the Ghanaian entertainment industry, captivating audiences with his dynamic presence and insightful content.