Emotional Letter from Sammyflex: Piesie Esther’s Contribution to VGMA Deserves Recognition

Emotional Letter from Sammyflex: Piesie Esther’s Contribution to VGMA Deserves Recognition

Broadcaster Samuel Atuobi Baah, known as Sammyflex, has written an emotional letter to Charter House, the organizers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), ahead of the highly anticipated event tonight. Sammyflex took to his social media pages to express his gratitude to Piesie Esther Ministries for the remarkable impact she has made on this year’s awards scheme.

In his letter, Sammyflex acknowledges Piesie Esther’s significant contributions to the VGMA. He credits her for bringing in a new level of “talkability, publicity, awareness creation, and excitement,” which he believes deserves commendation. While many musicians tend to shy away from intense campaigning due to the fear of potential trolling if they don’t win, Piesie Esther fearlessly took to radio and television, conducting interviews and promoting her nominations.

Sammyflex emphasizes the importance of Piesie Esther’s energetic approach as a case study for other nominees. Her success or failure at the awards will serve as a litmus test for artists’ concerns about engaging in publicity and campaigning. If she emerges as a big winner, it will restore confidence among artists that vigorous campaign efforts can lead to significant victories. Conversely, if she faces major losses, it may reinforce their longstanding fears, causing them to disregard publicity altogether due to the potential backlash after losing out.

Sammyflex concludes his letter by sharing his thoughts in peace, wishing for the best outcome at the awards ceremony. He reminds Charter House that while the universe may play a role in determining success, it also rewards those who take action and help themselves.

In signing off, Sammyflex identifies himself as a member of the VGMA academy, adding a touch of personal connection to his heartfelt message. His letter stands as a testament to the impact Piesie Esther has had on this year’s VGMA and encourages others to learn from her bold approach.