Fan Proposes to Girlfriend at OH Joo’s Timid and Crazy Comedy Special 

 Fan Proposes to Girlfriend at OH Joo’s Timid and Crazy Comedy Special 

Love is in the air! A fan, Ebo Kobena, proposed to his long-time girlfriend at comedian Oh Joo’s “Timid and Crazy Comedy Special” on April 22nd, 2023, at the Snap Cinemas in Accra. The proposal took place on the red carpet, and it was a moment that everyone present would never forget.

Comedian Oh Joo’s comedy show was already a highly anticipated event, with people eagerly waiting to laugh their hearts out. However, no one expected that the night would end with a beautiful proposal. As Ebo Kobena and his girlfriend made their way down the red carpet, Ebo surprised everyone by dropping down on one knee and asking his girlfriend to marry him.

The crowd erupted in cheers as the girlfriend said yes, and the couple embraced in a warm hug. It was a beautiful moment that highlighted the power of love and how it can inspire people to take bold steps.

Ebo Kobena’s proposal shows that love can come from unexpected places, and it can happen at any time. He chose the perfect moment to propose, surrounded by his favorite comedian’s fans, who shared in his joy and happiness.

The “Timid and Crazy Comedy Special” will always be remembered as the show where love conquered all. Ebo Kobena and his girlfriend’s love story will inspire many, reminding us that love can happen anywhere and at any time, even at a comedy show.

Congratulations to Ebo Kobena and his girlfriend on their engagement, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

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