First ever dance Ep ; One on One with young dancer Googo 

First ever dance Ep ; One on One with young dancer Googo 

We usually hear Eps coming from artists but never from a dancer but Ghanaian dancer Googo is changing the narrative with his Dance EP titled The Hard Guy in Love Dance.

In an interview with entertainment hub Muse Africa , this is what the young dancer has to say .

When did you realize your passion for dancing?

I used to be a footballer in SHS  and I once went to do my allo “goal celebration” moves on entertainment stage ,I thought I was just t everyone loved it,After I paid attention to it and I relished that’s what makes me happy . i even won  the “Best Azonto  Dancer “ 2017 in Pope John. 

Aside Dance what do you do?


 Am a Student of Legon studying Marketing and also involves in product advertisment 

How do you combine school with dance?

It’s very  stressful but it’s a matter of self discipline , I try to schedule my timetable  and days for lecture or learning hours and know  my dancing space for weekends . Education first and my talent follows 

Who or what inspired you to take dance serious?

My Pj school fathers (Reuben Madjoa and colleges) told me even Asamoah Gyan (Role model) plays football and dances as well .They believe in me and I was the only Junior to dance with Form 3 senior on stage. After School ,Eflexgh inspired me to take dance serious professional way and he us also part of the reason why I loved kids and always to see them happy . 

How did you come up with your backcase dance?

After Shs,I was once with hood close friends after rain , they were always “on my top” to shun the dance and find some business doing and I instantly told them “ masa ebi my “backcase “ and started moving my body with my Googo singing vibes.. At the end I created the new dance step “Backcase“ and reached my friends that day to let them know every negative energy be my Backcase. Moral lessons :Whatever you’re doing know that people will talk about it , Just Focus so far as you’ve God Every bad energy be your Backcase #wemove 

What are some of the challenges you have faced in your dance career?

1. Lack of app platforms to gain revenue from our dance videos . We financially spend a lot on our professional dance shot.your concepts may invoke models, costumes,locations before the video will be released on YouTube and there will be a copyright claim which you will gain nothing from your video .

2. It’s very hard to collaborate with the top dancers in the game. They always want to pay to even be under them as team member they will put his colleagues on but they feel okay to feature other countries upcoming dancers.

What’s the inspiration behind your project, the Dance EP.

The Hard Guy in Love Dance Ep is not anything strange,Just as the musicians will compile their musical works and release it as an Album or Ep it’s basically the same way I think and came up  with The Dance Ep idea to work,invest in it to release it fir my fans to appreciate my craft in that sense .Googo wanted  to have a project or a dance content to push whenever I have the opportunity to be interviewed. 

Why is it an all female collaboration?

I’m of the view there are great women out there in the world who are doing well with their dance craft but we hardly focus on the female dancers in Ghana and around the globe so I decided to use my social media platform to explore their talents to my people . 

What do you intend to achieve with it or what’s kind of impact are you looking for with the EP.

 I want to use this Dance Ep to tell and plead the application software developers to think of the dancers in terms of finances by creating a dance app or platform like the Boomplay and ITunes where we can post dance projects like this Dance Ep to generate some income % out of your views or subscribers.

Googo is indeed everywhere, how do you manage to be on most of the major events?

 All is about My HardGuy-ness Googo is Everywhere as the name sounds , I socialize with everyone i meet at one show and give attention and chats with them to be linked to the next big show 

Has it been lucrative?

 So far so good , It will be more better as time goes on 

How do you react when you see people doing your dance-steps?

 Always giving myself fans,First time seeing foreigners doing my Backcase dance I run shouting  from my house to my area station ‘and …

What advise will you give to young dancers who want to be like you?

Let’s try to be unique and creative in our way , Try everything every good plans some you don’t really which one is gonna work and Let’s not forget to leave the rest to God in prayers .