If Fameye has ever disappointed you, here’s his response

It is not intentional not to show up at shows I am being paid for ~Fameye

Singer and rapper Peter Fameye, popularly known as Fameye has explained why he wouldn’t show up for a show he has been paid for

In an interview with Andy Dosty on the Day Break Hitz Show at Hitz 103.9 FM, Fameye gave some important reasons why he might not show up on a show

Fameye made it clear that he will not deliberately decide not to attend a show. He gave an example of a show that paid him a big amount of money that he couldn’t attend because he fell sick on the day of the show. He explained that he went ahead to go perform even in his illness and he nearly lost his life after the show. He said that could be a reason he would not attend a show but not deliberately sit home not to attend a show 

Fameye in conclusion made it clear that will not intentionally miss a show he has been paid for

Writer: Yvonne(Yaa Flex)