Kabutey The Mc narrates how he ditched another client for Sarkodie’s Wedding

Kabutey the MC Receives Exclusive Invitation to Emcee Sarkodie’s Wedding, Leaving Another Client in the Lurch

Renowned Ghanaian MC, Kabutey, recently found himself in a unique and challenging situation when he received a personal invitation from none other than Sarkodie himself to emcee his highly-anticipated wedding. Kabutey shared the details of this remarkable encounter during an interview with Andy Dosty on the “Daybreak Hitz” show on Hitz FM, shedding light on the events that unfolded and the subsequent impact on his professional commitments.

According to Kabutey, it was an honor to receive a direct call from Sarkodie, one of Ghana’s most celebrated music icons, requesting his services for such a momentous occasion. The invitation left Kabutey both thrilled and conflicted, as he had already been booked for another event on the same date. Recognizing the significance of Sarkodie’s wedding, Kabutey embarked on a challenging journey to rearrange his schedule.

In his interview, Kabutey explained the painstaking process he went through to reconcile the conflicting commitments. He admitted that it took a whole month to confirm Sarkodie’s request, as he had to seek permission and plead with the client who had initially booked him for the same date.

Ultimately, Kabutey’s persistence and sincere efforts paid off. The client, though understandably disappointed, acknowledged the magnitude of the opportunity Kabutey had received and graciously allowed him to be part of Sarkodie’s special day. Kabutey expressed his gratitude for the client’s understanding and emphasized that maintaining professional integrity was of the utmost importance throughout the process.

The incident highlights the complexities faced by professionals in the entertainment industry. While unexpected opportunities can arise, conflicting commitments can test one’s professional ethics. Kabutey’s case exemplifies the delicate balance required when juggling multiple bookings, especially when an exclusive invitation from a high-profile figure such as Sarkodie is involved.

Watch a snippet of the interview below