Nedu’s Alert: Women, Be Wary of Men Advocating No-Sex-Before-Marriage”

In a recent episode of his podcast “The Honest Bunch” on Monday May 15, 2023, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, widely known as Nedu, a popular Nollywood actor and media personality, shared an important message for women. He advised them to exercise caution when considering suitors who propose a no-sex-before-marriage arrangement.

Nedu emphasized that in today’s society, it is uncommon for men to engage in sexual relationships without any prior intimacy. He suggested that such men might be concealing something concerning their sexual capabilities, which could potentially have a detrimental impact on a long-term relationship.

The basis of Nedu’s argument stems from his interactions with numerous women who have shared their experiences of disappointing sexual performances by their husbands. These women had no prior knowledge of their partners’ shortcomings in this aspect before their marriage ceremony.

He said, “Your guy is telling you no sex before marriage, no sex before marriage, find out if he likes it from the other side. One woman don talk for my radio show say, ‘Oga Nedu, I dey cheat on my husband. Not once, not twice. Oga Nedu if na you, you go comot. I said why? She said him prick no dey gree rise. I supported her. Men, I’m sorry. This guy just marry her and he was saying no sex before marriage. Na so the girl enter in side.”