25th Ghana Music Awards Anniversary Launch &NomineesUnveilSlated for 28th March!

25th Ghana Music Awards Anniversary Launch & NomineesUnveil Slated for 28th March!

The 25th edition of the Ghana Music Awards is highly anticipated, as it promises to showcase the best talent in the music industry. The process began on 29th January 2024, when a call was made to the industry and its stakeholders to submit their works from 1st January to 31st December 2023. The response was overwhelming, with thousands of entries pouring in by the 29th of February.

On Thursday, 28th March 2024 at 8pm at the Grand Arena (AICC), the nominees will be announced. The event is set to bein 3 activities;  

One; The 25th Anniversary Launch

The Ghana Music Awards Festival has grown to become the biggest and most prestigious event on the Ghanaian entertainment scene. Since 2000 the awards scheme has become the pivot on which the music industry spins. The objective hasbeen simple; To identify, recognize and reward outstandingachievements in the music industry. The scheme is made up an Academy which is made up of DJs, presenters, producers and the likes, A board, made up of industry expert and the general public. For 24 years, the scheme has held the Music, the people and the culture of Ghana. The 25th anniversary is set to launched amidst the industry key players, the media, musicians and music makers on Thursday, 28th March.  

Two; The Nominees Unveil

The unveiling of the 25th anniversary nominees is eagerly awaited by music enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. Since the submission deadline, the board, research team, and the GMA secretariat have been diligently reviewing the works from 2023. This process involves meticulous listening, reviews, and extensive analysis of data, lyrics, and production quality. It is a moment of excitement and anticipation, as artists and their fans eagerly hope to see their names among the chosen few. The nominees represent the best of the best in the various music categories in the industry.

The Twist; Unlike previous years where a bulk of the categoriesare unveiled on the hour by the hour during the day, the 25thanniversary takes a different trajectory; All categories will be unveiled at the event. Who makes it to what category? Which artiste makes history? All these will be answered on Thursday, 28th March.

Three; Sponsor Announcement

For a few years into the 25th Anniversary, Vodafone Ghana has been the title sponsor of the Ghana Music Awards, hence the name Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA). It comes as no surprise that conversations have sparked following the recent announcement of the name change from Vodafone to Telecel. The question being asked by industry players is ‘how does the name change affect the Ghana Music Awards? Is there a new title sponsor? What will it be called now? The Sponsor announcement is set to made on Thursday, 28th March.  

The event will witness thrilling performances from some of the finest Ghanaian musicians. Catch this experience LIVE on leading tv station, TV3 at 8pm and on the following social media handles; Ghana Music Awards on FB and CharterhouseLive on YouTube. It will also be available online via a number of Social Media handles, and blog portals.

The Ghana Music Awards is a Charterhouse Ghana initiative.