Abiana To Unleash Her Soulful Melodies at ‘Taste of Africa’ EP Launch

Abiana To Unleash Her Soulful Melodies at ‘Taste of Africa’ EP Launch

Accra’s musical scene is set to erupt with soul-stirring melodies as the sensational Ghanaian singer, Abiana, takes the stage in a live concert and the grand launch of her ‘Taste of Africa’ EP. Mark your calendars for November 24, 2023, as Alliance Francaise in Accra transforms into a haven for music enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience.

Abiana’s music has been described as a captivating fusion of soul, afrobeat, and traditional Ghanaian rhythms. Her enchanting voice, reminiscent of great soul divas, resonates deeply with her listeners. Now, she’s ready to present her first EP, ‘Taste of Africa,’ to the world.

What makes this event even more remarkable is the stellar lineup of guest artistes joining Abiana on stage. Prepare to be wowed by the soulful tunes of Kwabena Kwabena, the infectious energy of Epixode, the poetic genius of Worlasi, the legendary Amandzeba Nat Brew, and the rising star Floewe. The icing on the cake is the presence of Fameye, who’s sure to elevate the night with his chart-topping hits.

This EP launch and concert are a testament to Abiana’s dedication to her craft, her deep connection to her African roots, and her unwavering commitment to creating music that touches the soul. As the melodies fill the air at Alliance Francaise, Abiana’s ‘Taste of Africa’ EP is set to be the soundtrack of the night, leaving audiences mesmerized and craving more.

Be part of this musical journey that promises to celebrate Africa’s rich musical heritage while pushing the boundaries of contemporary sounds. Abiana Live in Concert and ‘Taste of Africa’ EP launch is a night you won’t want to miss, as it sets the stage for a new chapter in Ghana’s music scene.