Apokalypse Alight: ‘Turn on Deck’ with DJ Toyor Sets Accra Ablaze

Last Saturday, the heart of Accra pulsated with electrifying beats as the biggest DJ rave of the year, “Turn on Deck,” took over Apokalypse inside Untamed Empire. Headlined by the sensational DJ Toyor, the event was a mesmerizing spectacle that left the crowd in awe.

The venue was a vibrant sea of energy, with a high level of patronage that turned the night into a sonic carnival. A lineup of Ghana’s top DJs, including the likes of DJ Black, DJ Vyrusky, Gal Dem DJ, and the maestro himself, DJ Toyor, took turns behind the decks, spinning tracks that kept the wild crowd on their feet.

But the night wasn’t just about the DJs; it was a star-studded affair with live musical performances that added an extra layer of magic to the atmosphere. Kuami Eugene, Sista Afia, Mr Drew, and the legendary TIC graced the stage, delivering unforgettable sets that had the crowd singing and dancing along.

The air was charged with an infectious blend of beats, melodies, and pure excitement, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance. “Turn on Deck” wasn’t just a rave; it was a sonic journey that united music enthusiasts and showcased the incredible talent within Ghana’s entertainment industry.

As memories of the night linger in the air, captured moments in photos reflect the sheer euphoria that unfolded within the walls of Apokalypse. The “Turn on Deck” rave was more than an event; it was a testament to the power of music to bring people together for a night of unbridled joy and celebration.