Asakaa Boys Rock Paris on their Europe Tour with Tieme Music

Asakaa Boys Rock Paris on their Europe Tour with Tieme Music

In a groundbreaking moment for Ghana’s music scene, the Asakaa Boys recently took Paris by storm during their Europe tour.

The event, which saw a sold-out venue at New Morning Paris, was made possible through the collaboration with Tieme Music.

The Asakaa Boys, known for their dynamic fusion of Ghanaian drill music and authentic storytelling, brought their electrifying performance to a global stage. Fans from all walks of life gathered in the heart of Paris to witness the group’s unmatched energy and musical prowess.

Tieme Music played a pivotal role in orchestrating this unforgettable evening. Founded in 2022 by Paris-based music producer Franck Osei-Mensah, with Charlène Osei-Mensah as country manager, Tieme boasts a comprehensive ecosystem comprising a Publishing service as well as distro and label services. Tieme works with artists to promote their music and grow their fan base through digital marketing support, strategic release planning, music video production, and fundraising. Artists can get their music on Tieme by using its distribution platform.

Their meticulous planning and dedication to promoting diverse musical experiences have undoubtedly contributed to the success of the event. This year, Tieme Music organized the concert of the Asakaa Boys in Paris with their new branch, Tieme Music event, and it was sold out.

This milestone not only showcases the immense talent of the Asakaa Boys but also highlights the power of international collaborations in the music industry. The sold-out Paris show is a testament to the universal appeal of their music, transcending borders and resonating with audiences worldwide.

Guest performances from French rappers Le Juiice and Rapi Sati added an extra layer of excitement and cultural exchange to the event.

As the Asakaa Boys continue to make waves on the global music scene, their sold-out performance in Paris stands as a testament to the enduring impact of their music and the collaborative spirit of Tieme Music. This event will undoubtedly be remembered as a pivotal moment in the group’s illustrious career.