Blogger GH Hyper In ‘Hot Waters’ Over Black Sherif’s Arrest Report

Blogger GH Hyper Faces Backlash Over Black Sherif’s Arrest Report

Blogger GH Hyper has found himself embroiled in controversy following his reporting of Black Sherif’s arrest. Fellow media colleagues, Caleb Nii Boye of Media General and Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh of Muse Africa, have criticized him for his handling of the news.

Caleb Nii Boye expressed disappointment, pointing out GH Hyper’s silence during a previous incident involving Mona, yet being quick to report on Black Sherif’s arrest. Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh went further, accusing GH Hyper of being a “stomach blogger” who prioritized money over his reputation. He alleged that GH Hyper played a part in causing Black Sherif’s detention and threatened to release videos if denied.

GH Hyper, who happens to be the first to break the news of Black Sherif’s arrest in his posts, indicated that he was involved in the case due to recommending Black Sherif to a cruise ship, and subsequently, the artist took thousands of dollars.

The incident has sparked a debate within the media community about ethical reporting and responsible journalism. While reporting on arrests is not inherently wrong, the manner in which GH Hyper handled the situation has drawn criticism.

As the situation unfolds, it serves as a reminder for media practitioners to carefully consider the implications of their reporting, ensuring that the pursuit of breaking news does not compromise integrity and credibility.