Gasmilla, Cina Soul, Adani Best and more, set for “Abelefest” 2022 on OCT, 8. 

Gasmilla, Cina Soul, Adani Best and more, set for “Abelefest” on OCT, 8.

Abele Festival (Abelefest) is a celebration of unity and culture through music and arts.

Being the first of its kind, Abelefest is the brainchild of Milla Lamptey, popularly known in the Ghanaian music circles as Gasmilla, a multi-talented artiste who sings and raps mostly in Ga, the native language of the Ga tribe.

Abelefest, will bring together the patrons to enjoy various delicacies and how they are prepared, and enjoy an explosive and exciting musical concert, which will see some of Ghana’s finest musicians on stage.

The event, which will take place on the 8th of October will throw light on Abele

(Maize), which signifies the end of hunger for the Ga tribe.

Objectives of this festival include:

Gathering the core fans of Gasmilla

Projecting and promoting the true Ghanaian sound.

Celebrating role models from the Ga community.

Family oriented ambience for parents and children to have a good time.

Educating and orienting the nation about the music, tradition, dance, food and fashion of the Ga community.

Creating a problem-solving community.

The program will take place from 6am to 12 am and will have the following highlights:

Preparation of the Kpokpoi meal.

Fashion and food funfair.

Networking and socialization

Gasmilla Music Concert.

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