Gold Worship ’23: Ceccy Twum and Stellar Lineup Set to Ignite Spiritual Flames!

Get ready for an unparalleled spiritual experience as Gold Worship ’23 sets the stage for a night of divine connection and musical transcendence with gospel sensation Ceccy Twum. This promises to be more than just a concert; it’s an invitation to join a collective celebration of faith, music, and miracles.

Mark your calendars for the 10th of December 2023, as the Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry (CEM) transforms into a haven of worship and praise starting at 5 PM. The air will be charged with anticipation as we prepare to usher in an atmosphere of reverence, bringing down the divine presence like never before.

The lineup of ministers for the night is nothing short of spectacular. Brace yourselves for soul-stirring performances by Kweku Teye, the incomparable Joe Mettle, the anointed Kofi Owusu Peprah, the melodious Nacke, the soulful Perez Musik, and the captivating Ohemaa Mercy. Together, they will lead the congregation in a harmonious journey of worship, promising not just music but moments of divine intervention.

Gold Worship ’23 is not merely an event; it’s a call to experience the miraculous through music. Come with open hearts, expectant spirits, and witness the power of worship to transform lives. Join us at CEM as we gather to celebrate faith, connect with the divine, and create an evening that resonates with the echoes of heavenly melodies. See you there!