Hiplife Songs Are Funeral Songs- Fantana

Ghanaian female singer and reality TV star Fantana, recently shared her view on Ghana’s hip life music genre, adding a touch of humor to the discussion. During a conversation with Abeiku Santana on Atuu, a show aired on UTV, she was asked to differentiate between hip-hop and hiplife.

In response, Fantana amusingly described hip life music as the genre predominantly played at funerals. When questioned about her career trajectory after parting ways with RuffTown Records, including artists like Wendy Shay and manager Bullet, Fantana expressed her contentment with her current situation. She stated that since leaving the record label, she has gained popularity, financial prosperity, and a sense of inner peace.

According to Fantana she no longer feels the need to perform a multitude of shows to earn a substantial income. “I don’t have to play 50 shows before I can make money; She said

During the interview, Fantana also shared insights into her personal life. When asked about her relationship status, she revealed that she is currently single. She has dated about 5 men so far with each lasting at least six months .”I give every guy 6 months, whether you are serious or not”- she noted.

Additionally, Fantana unveiled her latest single, titled “Your Man,” which listeners can enjoy by giving it a listen below.