I am fan of Black Sherif, I wept when I heard his song ‘Soja’- Cecilia Marfo

In a delightful revelation, renowned Ghanaian gospel singer, Cecelia Marfo, recently poured her heart out about her profound admiration for the rising rap sensation, Black Sherif. The artist, whose soul-stirring gospel tunes have earned her widespread acclaim, shared her sentiments during an interview on Peace FM.

Cecelia Marfo expressed a deep connection with Black Sherif’s music, singling out his track “Soja” as her personal favorite. The gospel singer, known for her emotive performances, revealed that the song resonates with her on such a profound level that it evokes tears each time she immerses herself in its poignant lyrics and melodies.

The collaboration between different genres in the Ghanaian music scene has been a source of artistic richness, and Cecelia Marfo’s endorsement of Black Sherif is a testament to the transcendent power of music to bridge diverse genres and touch the hearts of listeners across various spectrums.

As Black Sherif continues to make waves with his distinctive style and lyrical prowess, receiving admiration from an esteemed figure in the gospel genre like Cecelia Marfo is not only a commendation of his talent but also a celebration of the unity that music can bring to diverse audiences.

The heartfelt acknowledgment from Cecelia Marfo highlights the universal language of music and its ability to create connections that transcend genres, allowing artists and audiences to find common ground in the beauty of artistic expression. As the musical landscape in Ghana evolves, such cross-genre appreciations add layers of richness to the nation’s vibrant and diverse musical tapestry.