“ I want to bring a solution to Ghana But …..” – Bankulli

Renowned music executive Bankulli recently shared his perspective on finding solutions for Ghana during an interview on 3Music TV’s “Culture Daily show.” With a strong desire to make a positive impact in the country, Bankulli expressed his belief that he has the solution, despite the claims of his Ghanaian friends who think otherwise.

During the interview, Bankulli emphasized the importance of international collaboration as a key factor in driving growth and success in the music industry. Recognizing the power of connecting artists and professionals from different countries, he highlighted the need for Ghanaian musicians to explore new ways of doing business and engaging with global markets.

Bankulli’s insights shed light on the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry and the potential opportunities that arise from international collaborations. By fostering relationships and sharing resources with artists and industry players from around the world, Ghanaian musicians can expand their reach and gain exposure on a global scale.

“ I want to bring a solution to Ghana but a lot of my Ghanaian friends think they have the solution, but they don’t” he said 

Bankulli, whose full name is Bankulli Osha, is a Nigerian-born music executive, artist manager, and consultant. He has played a significant role in the Nigerian music industry, working with renowned artists such as Wizkid, Beyoncé, and Kanye West. Bankulli has been involved in various aspects of the music business, including talent management, artist development, and international collaborations. He is known for his expertise in bridging the gap between African and international music markets and has been instrumental in promoting African music on a global scale. Bankulli’s contributions have earned him recognition and respect within the industry, and he continues to make significant strides in expanding the reach and impact of African music worldwide.