I’ll release a gospel song when I am 50 years – Efia Odo

In a recent interview with popular Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo, she revealed her plans to release a gospel song when she reaches the age of 50. Despite her relatively new music career, with only two songs to her credit, Efia Odo expressed her desire to explore the genre of gospel music in the future.

Speaking candidly with Zionfelix, Efia Odo shared her thoughts on gospel songs, stating that artists who are not specifically gospel singers can also create music that praises and worships God. She emphasized that one’s connection with God can be expressed through various genres and that singing to God is not limited to gospel artists alone.

Although Efia Odo has gained attention for her previous releases, such as the popular track “Getting To The Bag,” she expressed her intention to venture into gospel music when she turns 50 years old. While she did not provide specific reasons for choosing that age, she hinted at a personal readiness and growth that she believes will align with her gospel aspirations.

As Efia Odo continues her journey in the music industry, her plans to release a gospel song in the future reflect her evolving musical interests and desire to explore diverse genres. Fans will undoubtedly anticipate her forthcoming gospel track, as she showcases her versatility as an artist and her deepening connection to spirituality.