Is Rap Not The Backbone Of Ghana Music? – Amerado Quizzes

Is Rap Not The Backbone Of Ghana Music? – Amerado Quizzes

Ghanaian rapper, Amerado Burner, has sparked a thought-provoking discussion by questioning whether rap is the backbone of Ghana music. The talented artist believes that the genre plays a pivotal role in the country’s music industry, citing a compelling statistic to support his claim. According to Amerado, 12 out of the 24 winners of the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) for “Artiste of the Year” have been rappers.

Amerado Burner’s observation raises an interesting point about the influence and prominence of rap in Ghanaian music. The VGMA, known as the country’s biggest awards scheme, serves as a barometer for measuring success and recognizing exceptional talent. The fact that rappers have dominated the coveted “Artiste of the Year” category suggests their significant impact on the Ghanaian music scene.

The debate sparked by Amerado Burner’s question invites further exploration and examination of the role of rap in Ghanaian music. It opens the door for discussions on the influence of other genres, the importance of musical diversity, and the continuous evolution of the music industry.