“It wasn’t a normal attack”- Wendy Shay On Accident

In a candid interview on Hitz FM, songstress Wendy Shay shared her harrowing experience following a car accident, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Dismissing speculations, she asserted, “It wasn’t a normal attack. What I can say is that they know themselves, but I am not going to mention their names. But they can never kill me.”

Addressing concerns about her manager, Bullet, Shay made it clear, “It wasn’t Bullet. Those who wanted to kill me, they know themselves, and they’re trying to put it on Bullet.” Defending her claim, she questioned the unusual details of the accident, stating, “How can a big tipper truck loaded with rocks hit me, and the tipper truck somersaulted, and my car was rather intact?”

The incident occurred at midnight on the Kwabenya ACP highway when a tipper truck collided with Wendy Shay’s Jeep Wrangler. Despite the severity of the crash, the singer’s car remained remarkably intact. Describing the terrifying moments, Wendy Shay recounted, “I remember all I was screaming was Jesus, and then I entered into a gutter. I didn’t even realize when my head hit the dashboard.”

Expressing gratitude for her survival, she concluded, “It was a very big shock, no one saw this coming. For me to be here, it’s by God’s grace.” The industry rallied behind Wendy Shay, sending well-wishes and prayers for her recovery.