“I’ve Not Received Anything from My Collaborations with Shatta Wale” – Michy

“I’ve Not Received Anything from Any of My Collaborations with Shatta Wale” – Michy

In a recent interview on the popular show “Movement Showbiz” on Movement TV, Michy, the former partner of Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale, addressed the question of whether she had received any form of royalty or compensation from her collaborations with the artist. The particular song in question was “Low Tempo,” which has amassed over 5 million views and counting.This question was asked by pundit Derrick Manny of Enews GH 

To the surprise of many, Michy revealed that she has not received a penny from her collaborations with Shatta Wale. Despite the tremendous success of “Low Tempo” and its widespread popularity among music lovers, Michy expressed her disappointment at not receiving any financial benefits from the project.

However, Michy made it clear that she is not willing to engage in a public dispute or drag the issue any further. It seems she has chosen to maintain a dignified silence on the matter, perhaps preferring to focus on her own artistic endeavors and personal growth.

This revelation raises questions about the dynamics of collaboration in the music industry and the importance of fair compensation for artists involved. Collaborations are often seen as opportunities to combine talents, reach new audiences, and generate revenue for all parties involved. It is not uncommon for artists to expect financial compensation for their contributions, especially when the project achieves significant success.

Michy’s revelation about not receiving any financial benefits from her collaborations with Shatta Wale highlights the complexities of artist collaborations and the importance of fair compensation. While the specifics of their arrangement remain unknown, Michy’s decision not to escalate the matter indicates her willingness to put it behind her and continue forging her own path in the music industry.