Latif Abubakar Collaborates with Italian Embassy to Bring ‘The Licence’ to Ghanaian Theatre

Latif Abubakar Collaborates with Italian Embassy to Bring ‘The Licence’ to Ghanaian Theatre

Accra witnessed a significant cultural collaboration as Latif Abubakar’s Globe Productions Limited joined hands with the Embassy of Italy in Ghana to launch ‘The Licence’, a theatrical adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s renowned work. The event, held at the residence of the Italian Ambassador to Ghana, Daniela d’Orlandi, marked a milestone in cross-cultural exchange through the medium of theatre.

Derived from Pirandello’s exploration of bureaucracy, absurdity, and individual struggle against oppressive systems, ‘The Licence’ promises to captivate audiences with its poignant narrative and thematic depth. This partnership follows Latif Abubakar’s successful endeavors in adapting European plays into Afrocentric versions, reflecting his dedication to enriching Ghana’s theatre scene.

Italian Ambassador Daniela d’Orlandi expressed her admiration for Abubakar’s previous adaptations and highlighted the significance of promoting Italian theatre and culture in Ghana. She emphasized the potential of such collaborations to foster cultural exchange between the two nations.

Abubakar, in his address, reiterated his commitment to showcasing Ghana’s theatrical prowess on the global stage. He emphasized the importance of broadening the Ghana-Italy relationship beyond conventional trade, highlighting the transformative power of arts and culture in diplomacy.

As a trailblazer in virtual live theatre, Abubakar’s Globe Productions has consistently pushed boundaries, with notable productions such as ‘The Second Coming of Nkrumah’. With ‘The Licence’, Abubakar aims to continue his mission of projecting Ghanaian theatre worldwide, creating opportunities for cultural dialogue and economic growth.

‘The Licence’, originally penned by Pirandello in 1911, resonates with contemporary audiences through its exploration of the constraints imposed by societal norms and legal frameworks. Abubakar’s adaptation promises to breathe new life into this timeless classic, inviting audiences to reflect on the complexities of human existence.

As the curtains rise on ‘The Licence’, Ghanaian theatre enthusiasts eagerly anticipate a theatrical experience that transcends borders, bridging the gap between cultures and celebrating the universal language of storytelling. With this collaboration, Abubakar and the Italian Embassy pave the way for future cultural exchanges, enriching the tapestry of Ghanaian theatre with diverse influences and perspectives.