Lekzy Decomic Lights Up National Theater with “Can Pain MESSage” Comedy Special

In a night filled with laughter and political satire, Lekzy Decomic’s comedy extravaganza, “Too Cute To Be Mute 3: Can Pain MESSage,” took center stage at the National Theater on September 30, 2023. The collaborative effort between 2Cute Entertainment and the National Theater resulted in a star-studded event that left the audience in stitches.

The comedy special showcased a dynamic lineup of talent, featuring performances from renowned comedians like Kojo Pjay, Papa Yaw Ataamle, Jerry Ashinyo, OB Amponsah, and emerging stars Comedian Unknown and Kwame Obed. The charismatic Captain Smart took on the role of the evening’s emcee, adding a touch of controversy to the comedic mix.

Lekzy Decomic, headlining the night, delivered a memorable performance that resonated with the audience. “Can Pain Message” ingeniously delved into the world of Ghanaian politics, humorously mimicking top political figures, including former and current presidents.

The National Theater witnessed a full house, with a meticulously arranged stage setup that complemented the vibrant atmosphere. Musical interludes from singer Ziyar and the GB Brassband added a melodic layer to the comedy showcase.

“Too Cute To Be Mute 3” left an indelible mark on the comedy scene, proving once again that humor has the power to both entertain and provide a thought-provoking commentary on the political landscape. The night was a testament to the thriving comedy culture in Ghana, with Lekzy Decomic leading the way in delivering laughter that transcends boundaries.