Lord Kenya Describes Modern Artists’ Stage Craft As “Concert Party”

Ghanaian rap legend and respected evangelist, Lord Kenya, has recently shared his candid opinion about the present generation of Ghanaian artists. In his view, he believes that many of them lack the essential qualities required to be captivating performers or headliners on stage. Kenya went as far as comparing their stage presence to that of a “concert party,” implying a comedic and unimpressive display.

Lord Kenya, known for his impactful music and energetic stage performances during his prime, has always been vocal about his passion for the art form and his desire to see it thrive in Ghana. With his experience and expertise, he is well-positioned to assess the current state of the music industry and the talents emerging from it.

While his remarks may raise eyebrows and spark debate among fans and fellow artists, it is essential to consider the constructive criticism behind his words. Lord Kenya’s intention is likely not to belittle or demean the new generation but rather to highlight the importance of stage presence and captivating performances.