Medikal Announces ‘Planning and Plotting’ Concert on Dec 16

Get ready for a musical extravaganza as Ghanaian rapper Medikal announces the much-anticipated “Planning And Plotting Concert,” set to take place at the scenic La Palm Royal Beach Hotel on December 16, 2023. This thrilling announcement was made by the hip-hop sensation himself via his social media platforms, sending waves of excitement through his dedicated fan base.

The concert holds special significance as it not only promises to be a night of unforgettable performances but also serves as a celebration of Medikal’s upcoming album, “Planning And Plotting.” Fans can hardly contain their excitement as they eagerly await the release of this highly anticipated album, which is expected to showcase Medikal’s lyrical prowess and storytelling.

La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, known for its picturesque setting and luxurious ambiance, sets the perfect stage for what is sure to be an unforgettable night of music and entertainment. Medikal’s concerts are renowned for their high-energy performances and surprise guest appearances, making this event a must-attend for music enthusiasts.

Mark your calendars for December 16, 2023, and stay tuned for ticket information and additional details. As “Planning And Plotting” comes to life, fans can look forward to an extraordinary evening filled with the electrifying beats and captivating lyrics that have made Medikal a true superstar in the Ghanaian music scene.