MP Hopeful For Mpraeso Constituency Henry Wiafe Ampadu aka ‘Hama’, drops a song ‘Which Kind Life Be This’ to back his campaign.

Henry Wiafe Ampadu, known to many as ‘Hama’, has taken a bold step into the world of politics, emerging as an independent candidate for the Mpraeso Constituency. With a diverse background in entertainment and a flourishing career in business and finance, Ampadu brings a unique blend of creativity and financial expertise to the political arena.

In a recent interview, Ampadu revealed his motivations for entering politics, driven by a profound desire to enact positive change in the lives of his constituents and beyond. He expressed a heartfelt commitment to representing their needs and aspirations, fueled by a passion for effecting tangible improvements through legislative and policy initiatives.

Choosing to run independently, Ampadu underscored the importance of liberation from party affiliations, enabling him to prioritize the interests of his constituents without the constraints of partisan ideologies or agendas. His decision resonates with a growing sentiment among voters disenchanted with traditional politics, seeking alternative voices to advocate for their concerns.

Ampadu’s multifaceted profile illustrates his versatility and expertise across various domains. From acting and producing to music and filmmaking, he has demonstrated a remarkable talent for storytelling and creative expression. In the realm of business, he navigates the intricacies of the financial world as both a Forex trader and Crypto investor, managing a substantial portfolio with precision.

Having temporarily set aside his pursuits in music and filmmaking in 2017 to focus on business and finance, Ampadu’s venture into politics signifies a new chapter in his journey of impact and innovation. With an unwavering vision fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence, he aims to inspire and innovate across all facets of his diverse portfolio, leaving an indelible mark on both the creative and financial landscapes.

Ampadu has recently released a stirring song titled “Which Kind Life Be This,” shedding light on the hardships faced by many in the country, serving as a poignant anthem for his campaign. Additionally, he has an album slated for release on June 3rd, coinciding with his birthday, and has unveiled several new movies, including “Against the Grain,” “Gone Bonkers,” “A Walk to the Aisle,” and the upcoming “Must Be Blind,” all available on his YouTube channel @H1zTv.

As Ampadu embarks on his political journey, his candidacy symbolizes a convergence of talent, experience, and vision, offering a fresh perspective and a promise of substantive change for the constituents of the Mpraeso Constituency.