SDK confirms “Cameraman” remix with Shatta Wale 

SDK confirms “Cameraman” remix with Shatta Wale 

Ghanaian Comedian and Skitmaker, has confirmed an exciting collaboration with Dancehall superstar Shatta Wale on the remix of their hit song “Cameraman.” In a recent interview with DJ Slim on Hitzfm’s Daybreak Hitz, the comedian shared the exciting details of how Shatta Wale not only supported the song but also expressed his willingness to be a part of the remix.

The comedian revealed that after releasing the original version of “Cameraman,” Shatta Wale took notice of the track. To everyone’s surprise and delight, Shatta Wale not only created a video featuring the song but also shared it on his social media platforms. Additionally, Shatta Wale personally messaged the comedian to extend his congratulations and express his interest in joining forces for a remix.

The collaboration between the Ghanaian comedian and Shatta Wale holds great promise, as both artists are renowned for their exceptional talents and ability to captivate audiences. The comedian expressed his gratitude for Shatta Wale’s support, recognizing the impact it can have on taking the song to new heights and reaching a broader audience.

Fans and music enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the “Cameraman” remix, which promises to deliver a unique blend of humor and dancehall vibes. The collaboration between the Ghanaian comedian and Shatta Wale is a testament to the diverse and vibrant nature of the Ghanaian music industry, where artists from different genres come together to create magical musical experiences.

As the anticipation builds, the Ghanaian comedian expresses his gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to work alongside Shatta Wale. The remix is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the original track, injecting it with Shatta Wale’s signature style and adding an extra layer of energy and flair.