The First-Ever Rice Party Comedy Show.Romanus Partners Evivi Rice For “Incomplete V”

In a momentous collaboration, Newage Agric Solution, the proud producers of the premium Evivi Rice, joined hands with Romanus Empire to become the headline sponsor for the highly anticipated Romanus Incomplete V. In a brief but impactful ceremony, the official partnership was sealed, setting the stage for an extraordinary event.

Romanus Incomplete V, aptly tagged #TheEViviExperience, is slated to unfold its comedy brilliance on Friday, December 22nd, at the prestigious National Theatre, starting at 7 pm. What makes this event truly unique is its distinction as the first-ever Rice Party Comedy show, promising an unforgettable evening of laughter, entertainment, and a touch of culinary delight.

In a generous gesture, every ticket purchased for Romanus Incomplete V comes with an extra treat – a 5kg bag of the exquisite Evivi Rice. This exciting collaboration ensures that patrons not only enjoy an evening of side-splitting humor but also take home a tangible reminder of the partnership between two remarkable entities.

To secure your spot at this unprecedented Rice Party Comedy show, dial 71333*05# and be part of an evening where laughter and culinary goodness intertwine. Romanus Incomplete V with #TheEViviExperience is set to redefine entertainment with a dash of flavor, promising an experience like no other.