“I’m doing music, university won’t give me money to survive in life”- Yaw Tog

Ghanaian drill artist Yaw Tog made a bold statement about his career choice and the pursuit of higher education. The young artiste firmly expressed, “I’m doing music, university won’t give me money to survive in life.” This statement sheds light on the challenges faced by aspiring musicians and the perception of success in today’s society.

Yaw Tog, known for his unique style and energetic performances, has been making waves in the Ghanaian music scene. However, his decision to prioritize music over pursuing a university education has raised eyebrows. In a society where higher education is often seen as the key to a successful future, Yaw Tog’s words challenge the conventional notion of what it means to thrive in life.

For many young artists, the music industry offers a glimmer of hope and an avenue to showcase their talents. However, the journey to success is not always smooth, and financial stability can be a significant concern. Yaw Tog’s statement highlights the harsh reality faced by many artists who struggle to make ends meet while pursuing their passion.

While education undoubtedly holds its value, Yaw Tog’s perspective sheds light on the need for alternative paths to success and recognition. In a rapidly evolving world where creativity and innovation are highly prized, pursuing a career in the arts can be a viable option for those with exceptional talent and drive.