Black Sherif Speaks Out on Unreleased Song Leak

Ghanaian rapper and singer, Black Sherif, has broken his silence on the recent leakage of unreleased songs from his music catalog. In a candid revelation, the “Kwaku The Traveller” hitmaker expressed his dissatisfaction with the unauthorized leaks. However, he surprised fans by urging them not to hold back from enjoying the leaked music.

During his electrifying performance at the University of Ghana – Legon over the weekend, Black Sherif addressed the issue and assured his audience that this would not dampen his creative spirit. In fact, he revealed exciting plans to release more songs in the coming weeks, promising his fans a wave of musical delight.

The incident occurred about a month ago when an account on Boomplay leaked two unreleased tracks of Black Sherif, leaving the artist and his team taken aback by the unexpected turn of events.

Despite the setbacks caused by the leak, Black Sherif’s response reflects his resilience and dedication to his craft. As his loyal fan base eagerly awaits his upcoming releases, it is evident that the talented musician’s passion for his art remains undeterred.