Lekzy Decomic Announces “Too Cute To Be Mute 3” With a “Can-Pain Message”

Lekzy Decomic Announces “Too Cute To Be Mute 3” Comedy Special With a “Can-Pain Message”

Ghana’s renowned comedian, Lekzy Decomic, has just announced his highly anticipated comedy special, “Too Cute To Be Mute 3,” and it comes with a thought-provoking twist – a “Can-Pain Message.” As the comedic genius gears up for this hilarious yet enlightening event, audiences eagerly anticipate his take on the corruption of promises and campaign messages made by politicians ahead of the upcoming big elections.

Lekzy Decomic’s “Can-Pain Message” promises to tackle the pressing issue of politicians’ empty rhetoric and the gap between promises and reality. With the general elections looming, Ghanaians are all too familiar with the grandiose assurances made during campaigns, only to see many of them forgotten or unfulfilled once the votes are secured.

While the exact details of the comedy special are yet to be revealed, fans are already buzzing with excitement. Lekzy Decomic’s unique brand of humor and his astute observations on social and political matters are expected to deliver a powerful message in an entertaining package.

Mark your calendars for this September, as Lekzy Decomic takes the stage with “Too Cute To Be Mute 3” to shed light on the issue of political promises and the impact they have on the nation. This comedy special promises to leave audiences in stitches while encouraging them to reflect on the importance of holding politicians accountable for their words and actions.