Boomplay and TikTok announce partnership to amplify African music

Boomplay and TikTok announce partnership to amplify African music

Boomplay, the popular Africa-facing music streaming and download platform, has recently announced an exciting partnership with TikTok, the global short video brand. This collaboration aims to amplify African music by facilitating the cross-promotion of trending content on both platforms through mutual playlists and content discovery.

Users of both Boomplay and TikTok will be delighted to know that Boomplay will now host a playlist featuring TikTok’s trending sounds, while TikTok will incorporate Boomplay’s top songs into its discovery and sound pages. The playlists, named TikTokpicks and BoomplayPicks respectively, will showcase the top trending songs from both platforms each week. TikTok’s list will focus on user-created content and songs that have garnered the most engagement.

The vision behind this partnership is to unite the worlds of music and creativity, connecting artists and creators on both platforms and providing expanded reach for artists. Through the sharing and amplification of custom-curated playlists, the partnership aims to bring the vibrant rhythms, dance, and storytelling of African music to an even wider audience.

Paul Azumah-Ayitey, Public Relations Manager at Boomplay, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “Boomplay continues to expand its strategic partnerships with global brands to offer artists creative and innovative channels to access their target audience while providing extensions for content promotion. We are very excited to partner with TikTok, one of the largest and fastest-growing platforms in the entertainment tech industry, with great creation properties perfectly suited to the music community.”

This partnership between Boomplay and TikTok highlights the growing recognition and appreciation for African music on a global scale. It serves as a platform for artists to showcase their talent, connect with fans, and foster creativity. With the combined power of these two influential platforms, the African music industry is set to experience even greater exposure and success.