The economy is too hard to have another kid – Michy

Ghanaian TV personality Michy recently shared her perspective on the economic challenges of having another child. In an interview with Felicia Osei on Onua FM, Michy advised mothers to consider their financial stability before expanding their families, taking into account the current state of the country’s economy.

According to Michy, the economic conditions make it difficult to consider having another child at this time. She expressed concern that the strain caused by the dwindling economy would lead to stress and discomfort for both the parent and the child. Michy emphasized the importance of financial preparedness and urged mothers to slow down on the rate at which they give birth when they are not financially sound.

While expressing her desire to have more children, Michy stressed the need for financial resources to provide more than just the bare necessities for her kids. She stated, “I would love to, but I need money. If only God gives me the money I am looking for, then I will have more kids. I just want to make sure that I am able to provide more than necessary for the kids.”

Michy is a mother to a child named Majesty, whom she conceived with musician Shatta Wale. Her statement reflects the importance of considering financial stability when making decisions about expanding one’s family.

Michy’s perspective serves as a reminder of the economic realities faced by many individuals and families. It highlights the significance of financial planning and stability in providing a comfortable and secure upbringing for children.

In conclusion, Michy’s advice to mothers to be cautious about expanding their families in the current economic climate reflects her concern for the well-being of both parents and children. It serves as a reminder that financial stability plays a crucial role in providing a nurturing environment for children, and decisions about having more children should be made with careful consideration of the economic circumstances.