Don Jazzy reveals why he didn’t sign Wizkid

In a recent interview, renowned Nigerian music producer and record label executive, Don Jazzy, shed some light on his decision not to sign certain industry greats, including the popular artist Wizkid. When asked about his reasons, Don Jazzy explained, “I couldn’t sign Wizkid because Banky W got to him first.”

Don Jazzy’s response reveals the intricate dynamics and competition within the music industry, where talented artists are often sought after by multiple labels. Wizkid, who has since become a global sensation, had the good fortune of catching the attention of Banky W, who signed him to his Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) record label early in his career.

Don Jazzy’s acknowledgement of this fact highlights his respect for Banky W’s ability to recognize talent and seize the opportunity. It also demonstrates the level of competition between record labels in nurturing and promoting artists who show exceptional promise.

While Don Jazzy may have missed the chance to work with Wizkid, he has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping the Nigerian music industry. His record label, Mavin Records, has produced and nurtured numerous successful artists, contributing to the vibrant and diverse music landscape of the country.

Don Jazzy’s humility and transparency in discussing his missed opportunity to sign Wizkid serve as a reminder that the music industry is not only about individual successes but also about recognizing and appreciating the talent and achievements of others.