Missed Worship, Missed Blessings: Ohemaa Mercy’s Eye-Opening Message

Gospel sensation Ohemaa Mercy passionately emphasized the importance of the praise and worship session in church during a recent interview. According to her, missing this sacred moment means missing out on a crucial connection with God.

In Ohemaa Mercy’s perspective, the praise and worship session is a time when believers lift up their voices and hearts to God. It is during this devoted time of praise that God’s glory and blessings are unleashed, and divine guidance is received. Ohemaa Mercy emphasized that God’s presence is tangibly felt when we engage in worship, and it sets the stage for the preacher to deliver the inspired message.

To truly encounter God’s face, Ohemaa Mercy urged listeners not to dismiss or undervalue the worship segment intentionally. She emphasized that arriving late and skipping the praise and worship portion means missing out on profound spiritual experiences. The acclaimed artist reminded believers that thanksgiving is an essential aspect of our relationship with God, as it acknowledges His sustenance and protection throughout the week.

Ohemaa Mercy shared a personal anecdote to emphasize her point. She recalled a vision she had during a church event, where she witnessed empty chairs that belonged to individuals who habitually sat in those spots. One woman’s absence resulted in a missed divine encounter. Ohemaa Mercy recounted that God had sent an angel to bring the woman’s child to her, but since she was not present during worship, the opportunity was lost.

Expressing concern, Ohemaa Mercy lamented that people have become overly familiar with God, failing to show the reverence and awe they would display before earthly kings. She warned against distractions and urged against taking selfies or engaging in trivial activities during the sacred time of worship. Such actions, she cautioned, demonstrate a lack of respect for God and can invite undesirable consequences.

Ohemaa Mercy’s impassioned words serve as a reminder to cherish and fully participate in the praise and worship sessions at church. By doing so, believers open themselves up to receive answers to their prayers and experience the profound presence of God.