Dr. Likee vs Achimota Mall Security; Wode Maya and Kwadwo Sheldon Clash

The Clash between Akabenezer and Achimota Mall Security Sparks Debate Among Content Creators

A recent clash between comic actor Akabenezer, also known as Dr. Likee, and the security personnel at Achimota Mall has ignited a debate among content creators and social media personalities. The incident, which occurred when Akabenezer and his crew were denied permission to shoot a video at the mall, has garnered attention and raised questions about the rights and procedures involved in filming in public spaces.

In the viral video capturing the altercation, Akabenezer can be seen expressing his frustration at being prevented from shooting in the mall’s car park. While the specific details regarding permission and prior arrangements remain unclear, the incident has brought to light the challenges faced by content creators in obtaining access to public areas for their productions.

Notably, two prominent figures in the online community, Wode Maya and Kwadwo Sheldon, have expressed differing opinions on the matter. Wode Maya raised the question of whether there are other continents where shooting videos in public areas requires explicit permission, highlighting his experiences of filming freely in China without facing similar restrictions. He emphasized the need for greater flexibility and freedom for content creators.

In response, Kwadwo Sheldon countered Wode Maya’s perspective by drawing a parallel to intruding on private property without permission. He emphasized the importance of following proper protocols and respecting the rules, even for public areas, arguing that permission should be sought to maintain order and ensure compliance.