Exclusive: VGMA Board Member Explains Why King Promise Deserved Album of the Year

Exclusive: VGMA Board Member Explains Why King Promise Deserved Album of the Year

Nii Ayite Hammond, a member of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) Board, has addressed the debate surrounding the Album of the Year award, specifically the victory of King Promise’s ‘5 Star’ album over Black Sherif’s ‘The Villain I Never Was’ in the 24th edition of the scheme.

During an interview with Kwame Dadzie on Joy FM’s Twitter Spaces, Hammond acknowledged that ‘The Villain I Never Was’ was a commendable album by Black Sherif. However, he emphasized that King Promise’s ‘5 Star’ album also met the criteria for the award.

Hammond clarified that when assessing the albums, the category definition should be considered. He pointed out that the definition does not solely focus on hit songs and recording quality but also includes other factors. Therefore, the assessment should encompass both aspects, and a choice should be made based on the overall evaluation.

Furthermore, Hammond shed light on the change in the Album of the Year category’s definition, which now includes technical qualities rather than solely considering the number of hit songs. He explained that in the past, albums were often overshadowed by the prominence of singles in the music industry. This led the Board to revise the definition, ensuring that albums with outstanding technical attributes receive recognition.

Hammond expressed that the previous definition, which required three or more hit songs, posed a challenge because it disregarded albums of high quality that may not have achieved widespread popularity. The revised definition aims to rectify this issue and provide opportunities for artists who invest time and effort into producing exceptional albums.

The Album of the Year award at the VGMA is determined by the Academy and Board, recognizing the most remarkable compilation released during the year under review. The selection is based on the album’s ability to generate excitement, considering both the number of hit songs and the quality of production.

The 24th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards took place at the Grand Arena on May 6, 2023.