Meet Aligata, the ‘Alomo Gyata’ sensation

Meet Aligata, the ‘Alomo Gyata’ sensation 

In recent weeks, music enthusiasts have been captivated by a fresh rendition of Noble Adu Kwasi’s ‘Akwankwaa Hiani.’ This new version, known as ‘Alomo Gyata,’ has become a crowd favorite, leaving listeners curious about the identity of the mesmerizing voice behind the refix.

The song has gained immense popularity, with people sharing it widely, unaware of the talented artist responsible for this remarkable piece of art. Allow us to introduce Aligata, a versatile musician specializing in reggae, dancehall, and afrobeats. Throughout the years, Aligata has delighted his audience with captivating freestyles and original compositions.

Aligata’s artistic prowess extends beyond ‘Alomo Gyata.’ He is also the creative force behind ‘Gbemiwaa,’ a thought-provoking freestyle that addresses the challenging state of Ghana’s economy, set to the backdrop of Stonebwoy’s ‘Gidigba.’

For those eager to experience the magic of Aligata’s ‘Alomo Gyata,’ a captivating track he claims to have recorded five months ago, we invite you to give it a listen below. Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerizing blend of his vocals and the infectious rhythm.

Listen to ‘Alomo Gyata’ by Aligata here: 

Aligata – Alomo Gyata Dzata [Lyric Video] | Akwankwaa Hiani Refix