Frank Naro To Contest In Ejisu Constituency As Independent Candidate

Frank Naro: From Stage to Politics – A New Symphony in Ejisu Constituency

In a surprising turn of events, the vibrant and multi-talented Frank Naro, known for his prowess in both music and acting, has announced his candidacy for the ‘Ejisu Constituency’ seat in the upcoming 2024 Parliamentary Elections. Stepping into the political arena as an independent candidate, Naro aims to bring a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the realm of public service.

Frank Naro, celebrated for his charismatic performances on stage and screen, has decided to take his passion for change beyond the entertainment industry. The Ejisu Constituency, known for its diversity and rich culture, will now witness a new contender who is not just an artist but a fervent advocate for community development.

In a statement, Naro expressed his commitment to addressing the pressing issues facing the constituents. “I have been fortunate to connect with the people through my art, and now, I want to amplify their voices on a larger platform. My candidacy is rooted in the belief that unity and collaboration can drive positive change,” he declared.

As an independent candidate, Naro brings a non-partisan approach, emphasizing community-driven solutions and inclusivity. His foray into politics signifies a convergence of passion and civic responsibility, as he seeks to bridge the gap between the arts and governance.

The Ejisu Constituency can anticipate a campaign that resonates with the youth and a vision that extends beyond conventional politics. Frank Naro’s candidacy is poised to add a new, harmonious melody to the political landscape, offering constituents a candidate who understands the heartbeat of the community.

Stay tuned as Frank Naro embarks on this transformative journey from the stage to the political arena, promising a symphony of change for the Ejisu Constituency.