Roland Amartey justifies Shatta Wale’s tweet accusing Berla Mundi of being bias.

Roland Amartey Defends Shatta Wale’s Accusation of Bias: Unveiling the Media’s Double Standard

In a bold stance, events blogger and pundit Roland Amartey has weighed in on the recent Twitter storm ignited by Shatta Wale, justifying the artist’s accusation of bias against media personality Berla Mundi.

Amartey argues that Shatta Wale, known for enduring relentless social media trolling, rarely witnesses media personalities stepping in to defend him. However, when Stonebwoy faced online criticism for missing out on a Grammy nomination, Berla Mundi’s intervention on behalf of the artist appeared to showcase a biased stance.

During an insightful interview on DGN TV, Amartey underscored the inconsistency in media responses to online trolling. He emphasized that Shatta Wale’s tweet was a call for equality in treatment, shedding light on what he perceives as a double standard prevalent in the industry.

Notably, Roland Amartey wears multiple hats in the entertainment realm, serving as an events blogger, pundit, and playing crucial roles as both the road manager for Shatta Wale and the social media manager for the ride-hailing app Shaxi.

As the social media landscape becomes a battleground for artist-fan interactions, Amartey’s commentary adds a layer of nuance to the ongoing discussion, challenging the status quo and prompting a reflection on the industry’s approach to handling online dynamics. The controversy surrounding Shatta Wale’s tweet has sparked a dialogue on bias in media, with Roland Amartey at the forefront, urging for a fair and consistent treatment of artists in the public eye.