Ghanaian rapper, E.L apologises to fans over earlier interview.

E.L Embraces Honesty: Apologizes to Fans for Interview Misstep

In a recent turn of events, Ghanaian rapper E.L has taken to Twitter to issue a heartfelt apology to his fans. This follows a revelation made a few months ago during an interview on 3Music TV, where the acclaimed artist claimed to have worked as a food delivery person in the US to make ends meet.

However, the award-winning musician later admitted that the statement was not accurate, clarifying that it was a publicity stunt. Recognizing the impact of his words on his devoted fanbase, E.L expressed remorse for the misinformation in a candid tweet.

On his official Twitter page, E.L wrote, “Done a lot of things, but one thing I’m really sorry about is lying to my fans on that interview. Love my Eliens too much, and y’all didn’t deserve it. No more stunts, I promise.”

This sincere apology demonstrates E.L’s commitment to transparency and authenticity with his audience. Fans, known as “Eliens,” have shown unwavering support throughout his career, and this gesture reflects the rapper’s genuine appreciation for their loyalty.

As E.L takes responsibility for the misstep, his fans appreciate the honesty and look forward to more genuine connections with the artist they admire. In an industry often marked by image crafting, E.L’s apology stands out as a testament to the value he places on the trust and respect of his fanbase.