Shatta Wale Sparks Revolution: A Global Stage for Ghanaian Music

Unlocking the Global Stage: Shatta Wale’s Call to Action for Ghanaian Music

In a thought-provoking post on a casual Tuesday afternoon, Shatta Wale addresses a critical concern lingering within the heart of Ghana’s music industry. With passion and urgency, he highlights the obstacles that have deterred major global investments from intertwining with the vibrant rhythms of Ghanaian music.

Shatta Wale emphasizes a trio of challenges – the absence of conducive policies, inadequate infrastructure, and limited resources. These hurdles, he asserts, have stunted the industry’s growth on the international platform. The remedy, he proposes, lies in a collective effort to revamp regulatory frameworks, invest in modern infrastructure, and fortify intellectual property rights and licensing.

Thinking aloud on a Tuesday afternoon!!!

I write this with deep concern about the challenges that have prevented major global music industries from investing and partnering with our beloved industry in Ghana. It is clear that the lack of conducive policies, infrastructure, and resources have hindered our growth and potential on the international stage. We must urgently address this by improving regulatory frameworks, investing in modern infrastructure, and strengthening intellectual property rights and licensing.

It is time for us to work together to create an enabling environment that attracts major global investments and propels our music industry to unprecedented heights, contributing to our national identity and economy.

Let us rally together as stakeholders in the Ghanaian music industry and collaborate to open the doors of opportunity for our industry. By any means necessary, we need to put in efforts to make sure our music is heard globally as Ghanaians.

Let’s act now and fast.” He wrote 

Shatta Wale’s rallying cry echoes beyond his Facebook page; it serves as a call for transformation, urging swift action to amplify the echoes of Ghanaian music on the world stage. It is a plea not just for the industry but for the nation – a plea that beckons every stakeholder to act now and act decisively.