(Video) “I don’t have any liver disease” – Kidi speaks

KiDi, the talented musician signed under Lynx Entertainment, has recently addressed the rumors surrounding his health condition and the interpretation of the lyrics in his latest song, “I Lied.” In a candid video interview on Lynx TV’s Stripped show with Sika Osei, KiDi made it clear that he does not have any liver disease. With this revelation, it is likely that the discussions and speculations about his supposed declining health over the past two months will come to an end.

The speculations regarding KiDi’s health issues began circulating in March when several bloggers reported that the popular “Enjoyment” hitmaker was suffering from a stroke. The false news gained traction, especially when KiDi temporarily withdrew from social media after announcing the cancellation of his upcoming US tour due to health problems in February. However, his management team promptly denied the stroke rumors at that time.

In an effort to set the record straight, KiDi broke his silence in a Facebook post on Friday, April 14. He stated that he had made the difficult decision to cancel his tour and take a break from the music scene to focus on his health. He vehemently refuted claims of being struck by a stroke and emphasized that his primary concern was his well-being.

Nevertheless, KiDi unintentionally fueled further speculation about his health status with the lyrics in his latest song, “I Lied,” which seemed to suggest that he was battling liver cancer. The lines, “If I show you my liver, You go take me to prayer. Don’t wait till I’m under 6 feet I’m gone…” raised concerns among fans and the media.

However, in his interview with Sika Osei, KiDi clarified that the lyrics in “I Lied” should not be interpreted as a reflection of his personal health challenges. He assured viewers that he is free from any liver disease and intended the lyrics to be metaphorical rather than literal. This statement from the artist himself should put an end to any lingering doubts or discussions about his health.

By openly addressing these rumors and clarifying his health status, KiDi has shown his commitment to transparency and has hopefully put an end to any unwarranted concerns about his well-being. Fans can now look forward to enjoying his music and supporting him without any unnecessary worries about his health.