Nathaniel Bassey’s advice was inspired by guilt – Celestine Donkor fires

Celestine Donkor, the soulful ‘Agbe Boloo’ gospel singer, has weighed in on Nathaniel Bassey’s recent counsel to Ghanaian gospel artists, asserting that the Nigerian maestro’s admonition stemmed from a sense of guilt. Speaking on Joy FM’s Twitter Spaces with Kwame Dadzie, Celestine shared her perspective, contending that Nathaniel’s advice was prompted by the prevalent favoritism towards Nigerian artists on Ghanaian platforms.

In the candid discussion, Celestine highlighted the challenge Ghanaian artists face in securing substantial reception in Nigeria compared to the generous embrace Nigerian artists enjoy in Ghana. She suggested that Nathaniel’s call for Ghanaian musicians to produce more English-language songs was driven by a sense of guilt arising from the imbalance in opportunities.

“For me, I think this prophecy was inspired by guilt. It was inspired by guilt because you host a concert in somebody’s country, you put only two of their celebrated artistes on their concert. And because you are feeling guilty about the whole thing clashing with some concerts that are already going on, you prophesy that our time will come,” she remarked.

In response to Nathaniel’s advice, Celestine expressed a desire for the renowned Nigerian artist to leverage his influential platform to advocate for reciprocity in the music industry. She urged him to champion the cause of giving Ghanaian musicians more opportunities on the global stage.

As Nathaniel Bassey’s message sparks a debate on the role of language in gospel music appreciation, Celestine’s insights add a nuanced layer to the ongoing discussion, emphasizing the need for a more equitable musical landscape that transcends linguistic boundaries.