Piesie Esther Live In London – Check Details

Excitement fills the air as seasoned gospel musician Piesie Esther gears up to take London by storm on July 29, 2023. The Dominion Center, located at 9 Broadway High Road, London N22 6DS, is set to host this highly-anticipated event that promises an unforgettable evening of praise and worship.

The renowned artist, known for her soul-stirring hit “Waye Me Yie,” is bringing her talents to the doorsteps of her UK family. This is excellent news for gospel enthusiasts in the UK and Europe, as Piesie Esther’s live performance is sure to leave a lasting impact on all in attendance.

Accompanied by a lineup of talented and supportive ministers from around the world, Piesie Esther is set to deliver a captivating performance that will uplift spirits and touch hearts. This is a unique opportunity to witness the fusion of exceptional musical talent and heartfelt ministry in one remarkable event.

Tickets are now available for purchase, and it is strongly advised to secure them promptly to avoid missing out on this exceptional gathering of believers. The Lord’s blessings are expected to abound as Piesie Esther and her fellow ministers pour out their hearts on stage.

For those seeking more information or assistance, please contact the following numbers: +447771483341, +44 7852 568831, +233500101101, +233550008419. The event is powered by the Pan African Arts Society, an organization dedicated to promoting and celebrating African arts and culture.

Make sure to mark your calendars for July 29, 2023, and prepare yourself for an extraordinary night of worship, praise, and spiritual upliftment. Piesie Esther’s live performance in London is an event you won’t want to miss. Come and experience the power of music and faith as it transcends borders and unites hearts in a celebration of divine grace and love.