Rising Ghanaian Artist Zidor Creates Innovative Hit with “Sendi MoMo” Single

Rising Ghanaian Artist Zidor Creates Innovative Hit with “Sendi MoMo” Single

John Zidor, an exceptional and talented young Ghanaian artist known by his stage name “Zidor,” has taken the music industry by storm with his latest single titled “Sendi MoMo.” The song was released on November 4th, 2022, and has since gained immense recognition, with a high number of streams, downloads, and plays across all platforms.

Not only has “Sendi MoMo” become a fan favorite, but it has also become a popular choice among TikTokers in Ghana and other parts of Africa. Zidor credited Ghanaians for inspiring him when he was asked about the inspiration behind the song in interviews. He explained that “Momo” (mobile money) is currently the easiest and simplest way to send money to family and friends in Ghana, and he wanted to create something unique out of it.

Despite the various jokes associated with mobile money since its inception in Ghana, Zidor chose to use one of the jokes to create an innovative piece of music. He attached the word “sendi” to “Momo” to give it an Akan tone, adding a distinctive Ghanaian touch to the song. “Sendi MoMo” is available on all digital music streaming platforms, and you can follow Zidor on all social media platforms @zidor.
Zidor’s Latest Single “Sendi MoMo” Takes the Ghanaian Music Industry by Storm

Zidor has produced several hit songs, including “Blow Up,” “We Dey Your Back,” “Wife Material,” “Attention 0.1,” and “PartyTime,” that have gained significant recognition and appreciation among his growing fanbase. Despite his impressive success, he is yet to be signed to a record label. Nevertheless, he has taken the initiative to create his own label, Freeway Entertainment, which he uses to promote his music and reach a wider audience.

Zidor’s dedication to his craft and innovative approach to music has earned him a loyal following in Ghana and beyond. He is a talented artist with a unique sound and exceptional creativity, making him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.