“This show is destined for greatness”;Nana Ama Macbrown Launches Onua Showtime

Nana Ama Macbrown, the renowned Ghanaian actress and television host, has officially launched her latest program, Onua Showtime with Mcbrown, on Onua TV, amidst much fanfare. The event, which took place on April 30, 2023, was graced by some of Ghana’s top musicians, including King Promise, Fameye, Lasmid, MOG Music, and Ewura Abena Music.

As she addressed her fans and guests during the launch, Nana Ama Macbrown did not shy away from addressing the rumors and controversies that have surrounded her move from United Television to Onua TV. With unwavering tenacity, Nana Ama Macbrown reassured her fans that she is focused on delivering quality programming that will entertain and inform audiences across Ghana.

The Onua Showtime with Mcbrown has already attracted significant sponsorship from major players in the industry, a testament to the show’s potential to become a major force in the Ghanaian entertainment scene. In expressing her gratitude to the program’s sponsors, Nana Ama Macbrown emphasized that the show’s success is a result of divine blessings.

“As a married woman who has been out of the public eye for some time, I am truly honored and grateful to have received such an outpouring of support from my sponsors,” she said. “Their support is a clear indication that this show is destined for greatness. I thank our sponsors from the bottom of my heart, and I give all glory to God for his blessings. As the saying goes, ‘whom God has blessed, no man can curse’.”

Overall, the launch of Onua Showtime with Mcbrown was a resounding success, and fans of Nana Ama Macbrown and Ghanaian entertainment enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting and entertaining program that will showcase the best of Ghanaian music, culture, and entertainment.