Shatta Wale Rocks Kumasi at Game Park Pick One Launch Concert!

In a spectacular display of musical prowess, Shatta Wale headlined the Game Park Pick One Launch Concert, an event that electrified the night of September 15, 2023, at the Kumasi City Mall in the vibrant Ashanti Region.

The crowd roared with excitement as the dancehall sensation took the stage, delivering an unforgettable performance that had fans on their feet. Shatta Wale’s presence alone was a testament to the grandeur of the occasion, marking it as a night to remember.

Joining him in this musical extravaganza were other incredibly talented artists, including King Paluta, Strongman, and Kweku Flick, who left their mark with outstanding performances, adding layers of musical diversity to the concert.

The Game Park Pick One Launch Concert was a fusion of musical brilliance and entertainment, leaving attendees with memories of a night filled with rhythm, beats, and unforgettable melodies.