Video :Akabenezer Clash with Achimota Mall Security

In a video that has gone viral, popular comic actor Akabenezer, also known as Dr. Likee, and his crew were involved in a heated altercation with the security personnel at Achimota Mall in Accra. The incident occurred when the security staff prevented them from shooting a video on the mall premises, specifically the car park. 

In the video, Akabenezer can be seen visibly angry, speaking loudly and passionately about the situation. While it remains unclear whether they had obtained permission prior to shooting, the actor expressed his frustration at being denied access to the location.

The incident has sparked a debate among fans and social media users, with some expressing support for Akabenezer and criticizing the mall’s security for their handling of the situation. Others, however, have raised questions about the actor’s adherence to proper procedures and protocols for shooting in public spaces.

As the video continues to circulate online, fans and followers of Akabenezer eagerly await further updates and clarification on the circumstances surrounding the altercation. It remains to be seen how this incident will impact future collaborations and engagements between the actor and the Achimota Mall.