Watch :Lekzy Decomic Shines In USA at Go Bananas Comedy Club

In an electrifying night of laughter and entertainment, Ghanaian comedian Lekzy Decomic took the stage by storm inside the Go Bananas Comedy Club in Columbus, USA. This extraordinary performance left the audience in stitches and showcased the immense talent that has made Lekzy Decomic a household name in the comedy world.

The event was made even more special as Lekzy Decomic was in the United States under the auspices of Ghana’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, demonstrating the power of humor as a universal language that bridges cultures and boundaries. The Ministry’s support reflects the growing recognition of comedy as a vital component of Ghana’s cultural exports.

Lekzy Decomic was not alone in bringing the house down with laughter; he was joined by his talented colleague, comedian OB Amponsah, who also delivered an unforgettable performance, keeping the audience roaring with laughter throughout the night.

The show not only entertained but also fostered cultural exchange and unity, proving that comedy knows no borders. Lekzy Decomic’s outstanding performance and the Ministry’s support highlight the rich comedic talent that Ghana has to offer the world. As he continues to make waves internationally, Lekzy Decomic is undoubtedly a comedy force to be reckoned with.